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Second ascent of the Mont Blanc this season, for MK!!!

It was just another beautiful day, on the summit of the Mont Blanc!!! It was my second ascent this season and even though we ascended the same route as before 'Les Bosses', with a six week interval in-between climbs, it was a completley different mountain in terms of snow conditions and a very different climb altogether. Together with my friend Gulnur from Turkey, who was also on the Everest team this Spring and Grisha, we departed for the summit from the

Tete Rousse refuge, with a 5,500ft ascent ahead of us. We climbed the ridge up to the Gouter refuge, continued up to the Col du Dome and summited the beautiful Mont Blanc 4810m/15,781ft, in the afternoon of July 25th! We had decided to make a late ascent as the weather was looking good and headed up as most people were heading down. As a result we had the summit to ourselves, which was great and super special for Gulnur and I, to enjoy a special moment up there after the tragedy on Everest earlier in the Spring. We descended down the same way, stopping at the newly renovated, space age looking Gouter refuge, for dinner and a sleep and then finished the descent the next day-in a snow storm!

mb july

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