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Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean

November/December 2017

Our Transatlantic adventure began in the Gran Canaries, off the main coast of Spain. Our goal was to sail 2500 nautical miles, direct towards St.Lucia in the Caribbean, departing mid-November with the Easterly trade winds behind us. We sailed in a 56 foot 'Oyster' which was a beautiful Transatlantic vessel weighing 35 tonnes and with a crew of seven on board. We encountered all types of weather and sea conditions, from massive ocean swells and squalls with 20ft high waves, to beautiful calm glassy ocean. We were treated to many incredible sunrises and sunsets, stars abounded and a super moon lit the way for us during night watches...We managed to rescue a giant 'Loggerhead' turtle caught up in fishing nets, which was one of the most shocking things I had ever seen. He was floating around trapped and just waiting to die, but luckily we found him floating past our yacht. We managed to haul him onto the boat and cut him free from the nets with a knife. Then he swam to his freedom...!!! We also enjoyed a daily entourage of dolphins and flying fish, to make this such a truly wonderful Transatlantic adventure. We certainly experienced some quite challenging times, but toughed it out together. The journey ended up taking 22 days and 3400 nautical miles as we battled adverse weather and unseasonably light trade winds, but we eventually arrived in St.Lucia in good spirits to begin our celebrations!

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