(The highest mountain on each continent of the world):


Carstensz Pyramid-Indonesia-4884M/16,023FT, March 14 '15

(Disputed '7th' Summit)


Everest-Nepal-Asia-8850M/29,035FT [South Col] May 24 ‘06


Kosciuszko-Australia-2228M/7,310FT [Thredbo] Dec 25 ‘05


Denali-Alaska-North America-6194M/20,320FT [West Buttress] June 23 ‘05


Vinson-Antarctica-4897M/16,067FT [Branscomb Glacier] Dec 8 ‘04


Elbrus-Russia-Europe-5642M/18,510FT [West Buttress] July ‘04


Aconcagua-Argentina-South America-6959M/22,830FT [Vacas Valley] Jan 4 ‘04


Kilimanjaro-Tanzania-Africa-5895M/19,340FT [Machame] Oct 15 ‘03





Island Peak-Nepal-6189M/20,305FT, Oct '18


Grand Paradiso-Italy-4061M/13,323FT, Oct ’17 (x2)


Roche Forio-France-3730M/12,237FT, Oct ’17


Mont Blanc ‘Express’-Chamonix, France-4810M/15,781FT [Les Bosses] Oct ’17 (x4)


Castor-Italy-4226M/13,864FT, Oct ’17


Piz Bernina-Switzerland-4049M/13,284FT, [Biancograt/Italian normal route] Sep '17

Petite Fourche-Chamonix, France-3520M/11,548FT, Sep ’17

Tête Blanche-Chamonix, France-3429M/11,250FT, Sep ’17

Lhotse-Nepal-C4/8000M/26,500FT, May ’17

Eiger-Switzerland-3970m/13,020ft, [Mittellegi Ridge] Sep '16


Chopicalqui-Peru-6354M/20,848FT, July ’16

Pisco Oeste-Peru-5752M/18,872fT, July ’16

Nevado Ishinca-Peru-5530M/18,138FT, July ’16

Urus Este-Peru-5420M/17,782FT, July ’16

Dufourspitze-Monte Rosa-Switzerland-4634M/15,203FT [Italian Normal Route] June ’16

Zumsteinspitze-Monte Rosa-Italy-4563M/14,970FT, June ’16

Pyramid Vincent-Monte Rosa-Italy-4215M/13,829FT, June ’16

Aiguille Verte-Chamonix-France-4122mM/13,523FT [Whymper Couloir] June ’16


Jungfrau-Switzerland-4158M/13,641FT, Sep ’15

Mönch-Switzerland-4107M/13,474FT, Sep ’15


Cayambe-Ecuador-5789M/18,996FT, Jan 21 ‘15


Chimborazo-Ecuador-6310M/20,701FT, Jan 16 ‘15


Cotopaxi-Ecuador-5911M/19,348FT, Jan 13 ’15 (x2)


Vicunas-Chile-6067M/19,904FT, Dec 13 ‘14


Pena Blanca-Chile-6030M/19,783FT, Dec 11 ‘14


San Fransisco-Chile-6018M/19,744FT, Dec 9 ‘14


Ojos Del Salado-Chile-6893M/22,572FT, DEC 5 ‘14


Ama Dablam-Nepal-C2-6000M/19,800FT [SW Ridge] Nov ’14


Aiguille du Plan-Chamonix-France-3673M/12,050FT, Sep ‘14


Aiguille du Chardonnet-Chamonix-France-3824M/12,545FT [Arete Forbes] Sep '14


Aiguille de Bionnassay-Chamonix-France-4052M/13,294FT [Traverse] Sep '14


Mont Blanc-Chamonix, France-4810M/15,781FT [Les Bosses] July '14


Gran Paradiso-Italy-4061M/13,323FT [Laveciau Glacier] July '14


Matterhorn-Zermatt, Switzerland-4478M/14,692FT [Hornli ridge] June '14


Mont Blanc-Chamonix, France-4810M/15,781FT [Les Bosses] June ’14


Mount Meru-Tanzania-Africa-4,565M/14,977FT, Feb ’14


Kilmanjaro-Tanzania-Africa-5895M/19,340FT [Machame] Feb ’14


Cho Oyu-Tibet/China-8201M/26,906FT [West Face] Sep ’13


Grand Teton-WY,USA-13,770FT [Pownall Gilkey] July ’11


Broad Peak-Pakistan-C2, 6,600M/21,600FT [West Ridge] June ’10


Iztaccihuatl-Mexico-5220M/17,126FT, May ‘10


Lobuche East-Nepal-6118M/20,075FT, Nov '09


Cotopaxi-Ecuador-5911M/19,348FT, Sep ’09


Mount Rainier-WA,USA-4392M/14,410FT [Emmons Glacier] July ‘09


Pico De Orizaba-Mexico-5610M/18,405FT, Jan ‘05


La Malinche-Mexico-4462M/14,640FT, Jan ‘05



Transatlantic Crossing: Sailed from the British Virgin Islands via Bermuda to the Azores. 2700 nautical miles. 30 days. Oyster ’56. [May ‘19]


Baffin Island (Canada): 100km Snowshoe traverse, over the 'Akshayuk Pass' and along the 'Owl River Valley', to raise funds for Canadian Military Veterans. [April ‘19]


Greenland ski traverse: Crossing of the icecap on skis, from West to East. 600km/372 miles. 26 days. [May/June '18]


Transatlantic Crossing: Sailed from the Gran Canaries (Spain)-St.Lucia (Caribbean). 3400 nautical miles. 22 days. Oyster ’56. (Nov/Dec ’17)

South Pole: Skied 915km/560m, from the 'Ronne Ice Shelf' on the Weddell Sea, to the Geographic South Pole. 44 days. Unsupported/unassisted. [Nov/Dec '16]


Summit and skied the North Face, Mont Blanc, Chamonix: [June ’16]


North Pole: Skied the last degree from the 89th parallel to the Geographic North Pole as part of ‘Team Canada’ [April ‘07]




Festival Des Templiers 'Endurance Trail' France: 100km/4800m+ Oct ’15 [18.42]

Courchevel X-Trail France: 54km/4600m+ 2nd woman overall, Aug ’13 [10.04]


Hornindal Rundt Norway: 75km/5600m+ 2nd woman overall, July ’13 [15.48]


Racing the Planet Nepal: 250km/9000m+ 3rd woman overall, Nov ’11 [34.03]


Trans Rockies Ultra Endurance Run USA: 181km-Aug ‘09


Gobi Desert March, Ultra Foot Race, China: 250 km-June ‘09




Canoed the Onon River-Siberian Border-Mongolia, Aug ‘08


Canoed the Nahanni River-North West Territories-Canada, Aug ‘03


Canoed the Upper Zambezi-Zambia, Nov ‘98


Remote jungle trek of Irian Jaya-Indonesia, Aug ‘98


Cycled the length of Vietnam-Saigon to Hanoi, March ‘98