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Gran Paradiso Summit! MK in Italy!

Where do you climb when it's raining in Chamonix? You go to Italy of course! After days of rain in Cham and waiting for the weather to break, we decided to head over to the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy and climb the 'Gran Paradiso', the highest mountain in Italy that doesn't share a border. We headed up to the 'Rifugio Chabod', for a fantastic pasta and a few hours sleep, before departing early the next morning for the summit. We had tremendous weather throughout the climb and our small team of three including Gulnur and Grisha, moved efficiently up along the Laveciau glacier, carefully navigating the crevasses along the way. Finally after a fairly exposed ridge along the top, we arrived at the summit 4061m/13,323ft feeling strong and happy! We descended back down with a lot of good banter and laughing, stopping for another delicious pasta at the Chabod and then back to rainy old Chamonix!


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