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CAMP 2 @ 20,000FT






In the fall of 2014, we made our way to Nepal for our attempt at climbing 'Ama Dablam', whose summit stands at 22,493ft. The jewel of the Himalayas, Ama Dablam meaning 'The Mother's Jewel Box', is the most beautiful alpine rock climb and is considered one of the range's most spectacular ascents. Our climb took us along the classic Southwest ridge, with its ice faces and steep, clean rock, all within an incredible Himalayan setting.  Our first three weeks were spent acclimatising between the various camps. We carried heavy loads up the classic vertical 'yellow tower', to get us to Camp 2 at 20,000ft and into a closer position for our summit attempt. Unfortunately this year the Dablam or the hanging glacier, was extremely active and was spewing off avalanche debris most days across the route., up high. Then tragedy struck. Just before our summit attempt, the Dablam collapsed upon a team who were on their summit bid, killing a sherpa and injuring the rest of his team. For us this was a sure sign that the mountain was not stable enough to continue and we retreated back to base camp. The mountain spoke to us clearly and we will hopefully return again in the Fall of 2015.




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